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Welcome to Firefly!!
    As one of the first guilds to come into existence on Emerald, we welcome you to the family. As you get to know us, we're a great bunch to hang with. We don't mind weirdness and we sometimes even encourage it~ The Founders of Firefly are all real life friends, and we definitely don't mind if you invite your friends along for the ride either.

    We'd like your thoughts and opinions on how the guild runs, the guild events we run, or anything in the future you might want to see happen. We'd like to know everyone's time zones, so we can run the events based on your schedules. This guild is meant to be run for everyone's enjoyment, so everyone's opinion matters. Don't be afraid to shout out to us!

    Ayameir: As the guild leader, I would like to personally welcome all of you to Firefly, and briefly explain myself to you. I'm humorous and love to have fun with my friends. You'll usually see me hanging with the VP of the guild, Sagi. One thing everyone will need to understand about me is I love to make fun of you, no matter who you are or what you do. I'm a giant kidder and if it offends anyone I apologize, but you will get over it. Also, if anyone has any idea on how to get rid of a weird little mage that stalks me, let me know.... He follows me EVERYWHERE!! Nah, but seriously if you don't know Sagi or myself, please take the time. We are both down to earth, but weird, talkative people, and love to help others. If anyone's got questions, or need a good laugh, msg me. Once again, welcome to Firefly! :D


    Sagittarius: Alright, many of you might know me as the VP of Firefly, but others know me as the weird little mage that follows Aya around. Don't worry, I'm not a stalker... as far as you know. But no, seriously. She thinks I'm a stalker, but when in reality.. she can't live without me. And not in a weird way, more like... without my magick, she's helpless. Welcome to the guild, ya'll. ^.^


Firefly's Officers    

Firefly's Officers
No level requirements, looking for people that are willing to contribute guild quests, gold, and are fully active. (Plays at least 3 days a week) Willing to participate in guild events, idea planning, or votes.
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Guild Event : Fame Contest
By Ayameir, Jun 19, 11 12:26 AM

Alright, so the first event is underway~

Hosted and ran by the Officers of Firefly. (Aya, Sagi, and Nunu)

The rules are simple. Everyone does guild quests until one player's fame point contribution reaches 100.

Everyone will be participating in this contest for a fab... Read More

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